Information about TraderKidz

How it works

How it works

TraderKidz is super simple to use. No auctions, simply upload your old toys, clothes and sports gear and set the price that you want to sell them for. You have control of what goes up and TraderKidz handles the transactional side of the sale for you. When your stuff sells and the sale is marked as complete, the money gets paid to your account. 

No listing fees

TraderKidz does not charge fees to list your toys to sell. This is great. No cost to list so list as many items as you like. 

Get your kids involved

The idea behind TraderKidz is for families to use the website to help educate their kids about buying and selling and the management of money. It's important to get them involved in the process so they get rewarded for work. Get your kids to have a clear out and help get items listed on the website. 

Create a TraderKidz account.

Upload your old toys and clothes that you want to sell (using your mobile phone is easy and great for adding photos).Add your bank account number to your account details so you can get paid for anything that is sold on TraderKids.

How the selling process works

  1. Buyer buys your item on TraderKidz with their credit card (money is then held with TraderKids until the buyer confirms the goods are ok. This is a great process to ensure that no one pulls a swifty!)
  2. Seller APPROVES the transaction (this allows the seller to confirm they still have the product and it is in the same condition as the listing shows). TraderKidz holds onto the money from the buyer until the transaction is complete
  3. Seller sends the item or the buyer picks up the item
  4. Buyer must CONFIRM they have received the item and that the item is ok
  5. Funds are then released from TraderKidz to the sellers account (can take up to 7 days for funds to appear)

Payments to sellers

Credit Card transactions are handled by Stripe and are paid out to your bank account 7 days after the transaction has been completed

All payments to your bank account from the website are the purchase price minus the Stripe credit card processing fee (currently 2.9%) and minus TraderKidz fees (currently 10%).


Money is held on behalf of the buyer by TraderKidz until the transaction is marked as completed. If there is a dispute please email Funds will not be released back to the buyer OR seller until the dispute has been resolved. 

If the parties cannot agree on an outcome, TraderKidz will make a determination in the dispute. 

Please note, this is a website that is run by our kids and we appreciate that from time to time things go wrong in trades. We would also appreciate that both parties have good intentions for resolving any dispute amicably. 


Once we are more organised and up and running, we will be giving part of our fee to charity. 

Tips to help you sell your old toys

  1. Add your address for pickup (if any) to your account. TraderKids will display a general area of where you live but not an exact location
  2. Make sure you enter your bank account number so you can be paid for anything that is sold on TraderKids.
  3. Take and upload good photos and list all toys you have to sell with good, accurate descriptions of their condition.