Information about TraderKidz


Teaching Coops and Jett about how business and money works

TraderKidz has been setup primarily so that our boys (currently 8 and 10) can sell their old toys and clothes and make money for new toys and clothes. At the same time, it allows us to teach them about how businesses work and about financial intelligence. This is something that is lacking in schools and something that most parents weren't taught when we were at school. 

The other objective is to teach our kids about how, if you have an idea and motivation, you can turn that idea into reality. 

If this website can be used by other families to sell and recycle their old toys and teach their children about buying and selling and financial intelligence, then that's bloody great. 

We hope the use of this website will also help reuse and recycle old toys that don't get used any more but have a lot of life left!

Our Fees and Charity

There is no cost to list items on TraderKidz. We charge 10% commission on any sale to manage and maintain the website and credit card transaction fees of 2.9%. Once we are more organised and up and running, we will be giving part of our fee to charity.